Excitement is the understatement when you book your Florida alligator hunt. At Gulfcoast Airboat Charters we provide a first class hunt at an affordable price. Hunts start in August and run through Oct 31. Join U.S.C.G. Captain Kevin Surette as he guides you on an alligator hunt of a lifetime. With a proven track record of huge gators you can rest assure Captain Kevin will give your hunt 100% of his effort to help you land your trophy gator.


August 15, through October 31 East and West Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s Largest Lake. There are miles of untouched swamps, large numbers of gators, and huge trophy gators. The hunting is done primarily at night from a custom airboat built for safety and hunting. Hunters and their guests experience sights and sounds few will ever see. Running the Florida swaps at night from an airboat is an exhilarating thrill in itself. In the course of an evening expect to see hundreds of glowing alligator eyes as you glide across the swamp. The primary method of hunting employs a "run and gun" technique of running directly up to the gator and throwing a harpoon. It is a skill that is quickly learned with a little coaching. This is by far the most exciting and challenging method of harvesting alligators.

Once a gator has been hit with the first harpoon tip the real action begins. The gator is pursued and a second shot is made by harpoon or crossbow to ensure the gator is fully secured. This second shot can be made by an additional hunter in the party, if the primary hunter wishes. Once both lines are attached to the gator the gator is usually ready to be brought to the boat and a bang stick or knife is used to finish the job.

The hunting method of spot and stalk is also available with the airboat's trolling motor, if a hunter wishes. Each hunter is be given the opportunity to harvest his or her own gator, unlike many hunts where the Captain or mate actually hooks, harpoons, or baits the gator. Every hunter has the satisfaction knowing they harvested their own gator. It is an accomplishment that makes the hunt more rewarding. Captain Kevin has refined the art of gator hunting using the best equipment, best techniques and his years of knowledge to provide a level of hunting unlike any other in the industry.

According to Florida Wildlife Commission statistics only 67% of the tags were filled, with an average size around 7 and a half feet. In the last fifteen years Captain Kevin has hunted many gators over 10 feet long, with largest legal gator ever taken in Pinellas County measuring over 13 feet. Whether you want to hunt the largest gator in the swamp or take an 8 foot gator for meat and hide, Captain Kevin offers you his personal attention.

You will never be charged a trophy fee in addition to the price of your hunt, a fee charged by many outfitters that equate to thousands of extra dollars. In addition the cost of the alligator tag is included in the hunt’s cost. All hunts are conducted as fair chase. We do not offer canned year round hunting over stocked ponds. Our goal is to provide you with an incredible hunt that results in your trophy gator at an affordable price.

Each hunt is catered to hunters of all experience levels and legal ages. All the equipment needed is supplied to make your hunt a success. Up to three people can be on the hunt, but all those participating in the hunt must purchase an Alligator Trappers Agent Permit for $52.00 through the State of Florida.

Up to 3 hunters 1 alligator- This hunt includes one full night of hunting between hours of 5:00 pm and 10:00 am , accommodations for one evening, as well as complimentary drop off of your gator at the processor and/or taxidermist. Alligator processing for your gator is available at an extra cost through outfitter.

If you have your own tags please call for prices. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email or call. If you would like references, please ask for a list of previous clients.